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Wycliffe Hungary News - Autumn 2005

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The 9th Wycliffe Mission Camp was held for the first time in Eger from 23–30th of July. The purpose of the week, as for the earlier camps, was to give our participants an overview of the biblical basis of mission and the ministry of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Wycliffe Missziós Tábor 2005

This year’s camp had a definite international flavour, as alongside our international lecturers we also had participants from the neighbouring countries of Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Romania. Most of our international guests are already in the process of applying for Wycliffe membership in their own countries, so we welcomed them amongst us as future members of the organization. We were very glad of the opportunity to assist once again in the development of the neighbouring Wycliffe offices. We were also delighted that this year we had a record number of participants, demonstrating that the work of Wycliffe is becoming more widely known here in Hungary, and that more and more young Hungarians feel that the Lord is calling them into overseas mission. Our Hungarian participants came from a variety of denominational backgrounds, illustrating the inter-denominational character of Wycliffe. We hope that God will call workers for his harvest from more and more churches, since it has to be a goal for all Christian churches that one day all peoples will be able to hear the word of God in their mother tongue.

The camp was enriched by interesting lecturers. Richard and Anne Hoyle, a British couple presented a very high-quality lecture series on the Process of Bible Translation. The Hoyles have worked for a long time amongst the Malani people, helping them to produce the New Testament in their language. Their perseverance in their ministry in the face of many difficulties was a great encouragement to all who heard their story. We should also mention Wolfgang Binder, the Director of Wycliffe Central and Eastern Europe Area. He presented a series of lectures on the Biblical Basis of Missions, which dealt with the important questions that are of primary importance to all who are preparing to serve overseas.

We experienced many blessings throughout the week. One of them was that several of the Hungarian participants indicated their desire to join Wycliffe in the future. It is a great joy to me as Director of Wycliffe Hungary that during the next eighteen months it is likely that we will have three or four new members who are ready to embark on overseas service with Wycliffe. When I had opportunity during the camp to chat to these people and hear about their call, I was excited about their testimonies and the intricate ways in which He leads those who are obedient to His call. When we read in Wycliffe News about the wonderful things God is doing through Wycliffe members, it is easy for us to imagine that these things are happening in far away countries and in the lives of people who are nothing like us, since they are ‘real missionaries’. This could not be farther from the truth. The Wycliffe members who are serving overseas in the 21st century are flesh and blood people just like us; simply God has chosen a different region for them to serve in than those of us who work hard to build His kingdom here at home. A Christian does not become an overseas missionary overnight, but during the years of preparation God never abandons those He has called. I once heard from someone that God never wastes the time of those who seek to serve Him. This has been true in my own life and I have seen it in the lives of those who serve with Wycliffe. Sometimes the time of preparation lasts for many years, but the Lord steadily takes the chosen one forward step by step.

In this edition of Wycliffe News you can read about the stories of two women whom God has called to serve Him overseas, but who are not yet members of our organization. The writer of the first testimony is Éva Lángi, who will shortly be commencing her second year of study at Bible College. Two years ago she was a participant at the Wycliffe camp and this year she spent her college summer placement with us, making a big contribution to the success of this year’s camp. She hopes to soon start the Wycliffe application process. The second testimony is from Eszter Kurdi, who took part in this year’s camp and like Éva has been considering full-time missionary service for some time. I hope that our readers will find both stories uplifting and encouraging. And for those who are themselves considering overseas service, maybe this will be the first nudge along the path. Perhaps the Lord is calling you to overseas service…

Attila Kovács, director


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