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Wycliffe Hungary News - Autumn 2007

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Eger, 22-28 July 2007: this week became part of the history of Wycliffe in Hungary, since this year we celebrated the fact that this was the tenth Wycliffe Mission Camp. During the week we searched together for answers as to what is God’s plan and will in our lives, and how can we serve Him.

It is a great privilege and at the same time a great challenge for us to organize such a camp, since on these weeks the Lord always prepares something special for us. Once again we looked forward to the camp with anticipation, and we began to pray months in advance, not only for the arrangements but also for the participants. God responded to our prayers by blessing us with a wonderful week in Eger at the end of July; honest, open-hearted and enthusiastic participants; blessed, well-qualified, well-prepared and similarly enthusiastic lecturers. Although once again a very varied group gathered together – the twenty-one participants alone came from eighteen different places and at least eight denominations, not to mention the lecturers – nonetheless we experienced the unity and brotherly love that truly only the Holy Spirit is able to create.

What did the Camp involve?

The schedule was very tight, since we wanted to share as much information and experience as possible with the campers, each one of whom had come for this week in order to hear more about the work of overseas mission today, and in particular about the specific work of Wycliffe, than they could obtain from a single lecture or brochure. The programme contained games, devotions, questions and answers, an evening of surprises, as well as many different types of interesting lectures. Once again, Wolfgang Binder, Wycliffe Director for Central & Eastern Europe, gave high-quality lectures on the Biblical basis of mission, including God’s will, calling, and the spiritual preconditions for such work. Richard and Anne Hoyle led us all the way through the process of Bible translation in eight steps, illustrating their inspiring lectures with examples and stories drawn from their own personal experience. There was discussion of the results of Bible translation work, of the opportunities for support work, and about how one could get involved in such work. The week’s programme was enriched by the fact that once again there were Open Nights, in which various Wycliffe members spoke about their service not just to the Camp’s participants but to any local Christians who were interested.

What results were seen?

Many of the participants said that, on the basis of what they had experienced over the week, they would have to reassess their way of thinking in certain areas. They want to trust God more, they gained a deeper understanding of Him, and they were struck by what an amazing gift it is that we Hungarians have been able to have the whole Bible in a form we understand for so long. They recognized their responsibility towards other peoples, and that they too could become useful tools in the work of Bible translation in accordance with their particular gifts and skills. Sixteen of the twenty-one participants stated that, whatever happens, they would like to participate in the work of Wycliffe in some way or other.

Allow us to include a few comments made by the participants, since these show in the most authentic way how the Lord worked in their hearts:

‘I got to know much more about Wycliffe’s work, and I received much more than I expected. My faith was strengthened, and my feeling of responsibility towards others grew.’

‘It meant a lot that we could see that the Word of God changes people’s lives.’

‘I realized I don’t have to wait until everything around me is in order (e.g. home and family), because if God sends me, then I must go, the time has come.’

‘Everything had the scent of real life.’

‘The Camp primarily inspired me to renew my relationship with God. It widened my horizons, as during the past year I often only focused on ‘my own little world’. I was reminded of how large the kingdom of God is, and how mighty He is.’

‘It was a truly wonderful thing to spend the week with people who come from completely different denominations, but who want to serve the one true, living God.’

Next time?

We plan to hold a similar event in the summer of 2009. We are ready to welcome anyone who is interested, and we are already praying for those whom the Lord wants to touch through such an event. Perhaps you will be amongst them?

Zsuzsa Zentai


The director’s view of the Camp

‘Although the year isn’t over yet, for me the highlight was undoubtedly the summer Mission Camp. Almost a record number of participants attended, which shows that the number of those interested in opportunities to get involved in overseas mission work is growing. This was the first time that the participants had come from such a wide range of denominations. This is also very encouraging, since Wycliffe, both internationally and here in Hungary, operates as an inter-denominational Christian organization. It was also good to see the extent to which the areas of interest regarding forms of service varied. In the past mainly those who were specifically interested in linguistic work were attracted to the Wycliffe camp, but this time many of the participants indicated that there were interested in support work too.

‘Seeing those ‘starry-eyed youngsters’ – as I called them so many times during the camp – I began to consider who they really are. For me they represent the future. From among them will come those Hungarian Wycliffe missionaries who will help fulfil Vision 2025 in their given areas of service. They are the generation who may be able to see the Vision fulfilled in their own lifetimes.

‘Pray for these young people, who received a calling to mission work here at the camp, that the calling may take root in their hearts. It is a great privilege that through our prayers we can be a blessing in the lives of future generations and far-off people groups, so that one day the good news will be heard in every language!’

Attila Kovács

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