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The Kelenföld Ministry Centre is located in Budapest’s 11th District, on the upper level of the shop and office complex
on the corner of Etele út and Tétényi út (beside the Budapest Cultural Centre [Budapesti Művelődési Központ, BMK]).
Our address is: Etele út 55.

Kelenföldi Ministry Centre

How to get here by public transport: The simplest way to get here from Budapest's city-centre is to use the 7E or 173E bus. Get off at the “Kelenföld Városközpont” stop, which lies directly in front of the shop and office complex. Once you get off the bus, head directly towards the steps (Burger King will be on your left, the market ("piac") on your right). Head up the steps, and once on the upper level, continue straight-on.

How to get here by car: A large parking area can be found behind the shop and office complex in Vahot utca. From this direction, once you go up the steps to the upper level, the entrance will be directly on your left.


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