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Latest statistics

  • World population: 6,900,000,000 (UN estimate for 2010).
  • Number of languages currently spoken in the world: approx. 6,900.
  • Number of languages with some or all of the Bible: 2,479
    (complete Bible: 451, New Testament: 1,185, at least a portion of the Bible: 843).
  • Number of languages currently without any of the Bible, with possible need of Bible translation: 2,252 (representing 353 million people).
  • Languages included in translation, linguistic, or literacy programs known to be in progress
    worldwide: 1,990, reaching over 1 billion people (all known programs being carried out by any

Wycliffe's role in meeting the need:

  • Number of languages in which Wycliffe workers have helped complete the translation of New Testaments and Bibles: 759 (representing around 107 million people).
  • Number of countries in or for which Wycliffe staff work: 99
    (including work among people who live outside their traditional homeland).
  • Number of new language programmes begun in Bibleless language communities since the beginning of Vision 2025 (1 October 1999): 750 (Wycliffe is involved in 617 of them, which represents 82%).
  • Number of projects completed over the last year with the involvement of Wycliffe personnel:
    2 Bibles; 25 New Testaments and 26 New Testament revisions; 6 JESUS films; 4 Luke videos and 4 Genesis videos.
  • Number of Wycliffe supported personnel: 5,906.
    Partners at the local, national, regional and international levels include thousands of additional people committed to Bible translation, literacy and the other language development needs of minority peoples.
  • Number of personnel needed: 2,328
    (linguists/translators, literacy specialists, project managers, computer specialists, administrators, etc.).

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Latest available statistics (November 2009).




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